Fire Rated Roof Hatch
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Gorter Hatches

Fire Rated Roof Hatch

Fire rating: EI-120, according to AS 1530-4, NEN6068, EN1634-1:2006 and EN13105-1. 2 Hour Fire Rated Roof access Hatch Gorter® - completely assembled with: Thermal separated and insulated steel construction Diagonal handle to safely enter and leave roof hatch Counter balancing system for controlled opening and closing Weather tight gasket Intumescent tape Hold-open arm that engages automatically, one hand release Cylinder lock (31 x 60 mm) with 3 keys, in and outside operation. With 3 point lock from hinge side > 1400 mm.
Gorter Hatches - Fire Rated Roof Hatch
Gorter Hatches
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Sustainable, High End, Best Sellers
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Australia: ACT, NSW, NT, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC, WA
Technical Information
Product Reference: RHTEI
Insulation value: 3.57 (m2.K)W, Sound reduction: 27 dB, Wind and water tightness : 650 Pa, Construction strength : ± 3000 Pa, Air tightness: 0,5 m3/hm1


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Fire rated hatch, fire, roof access, fire stair, fire safety,safe access
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